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Royel Corp WET is a leading manufacture and chemical lab who produces high quality cleaning chemicals for the retail market. In this section Royel Corp WET offers the laundry detergent fundraiser program.

A new fundraiser idea that really works.

In a nut shell:

Pre-sell high quality laundry detergents and fabric softeners in bulk packaging at 100% cheaper then the retail market giving the customer the ability to save over 100% saving at the same token fund raiser over 100% profit by buying direct from us!

Simple Terms Estimate: Resell our products at 45.00 per 5 gallon pail. Your cost 22.50 per 5 gallon pail, price includes pump, shipping the whole nine yards you resell for 45.00 and make a 100% profit. At the same token the customer buys at 45.00 dollar which is 100% cheaper then the retail market. For the customer to get this much detergent at any major retail outlet they would spend over 90.00 with taxes!

This is a win and win opportunity. Pre-sell a product everyone needs at half the price and fund raise 100% profit. Because the price per container is slightly large for a single item your profit return is high on each item sold.

Simple calculations:

Say you have 50 students. You want each student to sell 10 pails each. That’s a goal of 500 buckets sold. If your profit is 22.50 per pail you just raised = $11,250.00 in as little as three weeks.

Another example:

Say you have different age group teams, or other groups such as volleyball, marching band, baseball, cheer leading, etc. in your school and you all do the laundry detergent fundraiser together.

in this case say you have 200 students. You want each student to sell 10 pails each. That’s a goal of 2000 buckets sold. if your profit is 25.00 per pail you just raised $50,000 in as little as 3 weeks.

That’s right the more you order from us the cheaper the product, shipping, gets giving you even higher profits. Buying direct save you money, bigger profits, faster turn around times, 100% manufacture warranty, strong leading national brands, insured products.

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